Karol G's Mañana Será Bonito

Karol G's 2024 Mañana Será Bonito Tour showcases the animated storytelling from Hi from the Future, which brought to life an animated Karol G universe.

With the legendary Morgan Freeman's narration, the animated film turns Karol G's album mascot into a mermaid hero within a RPG-styled fairy tale that has captivated hundreds of thousands of Karol G fans nationwide.

Creating the Concept

Inspired by nostalgic RPG video games like the Little Mermaid to play on stadium-size screens.

Building the World

We illustrated and animated every element of the world, from rainbows to mushrooms.

Telling the Story

Working hand in hand with the show directors, The Squared Division, we wrote the animation script in a three acts.


Concert Directors
The Squared Division

Morgan Freeman

Roberto Trujillo

Animation by Hi from the Future

Mark Rubbo, The Squared Division

Head of Production
Mark Rubbo

Executive Producer
Elliot Higgins

Humberto Cruz, Michael DeWeese, Miguel Hernandez

Blake Patrick, Casey Temples, Eric Miró, Humberto Cruz, Michael DeWeese, Miguel HernandezMilena Sosa, Neal Todnem, Reza Iman, Rohit Arora, Tommy Rodricks

Unreal Engine Artists
Victor Morales, Eric Miro, Mark Rubbo