We’ve crafted an interactive AI Chatbot experience powered by ChatGPT, that delights lunch goers and serves up delicious recommendations for Hillshire Farm products.

Built for: Hillshire Farm x BDG

Branching Dialogue System: Powered by the advanced AI of ChatGPT and fine-tuned to be Hillshire Farm in tone, LNCHbot not only responds but embodies sandwich and the brand.

Interactive Delight: Click, explore, and activate LNCHbot. Unearth hidden Easter eggs and surprises, turning lunchtime into a delightful web treasure hunt.

Personalized Recommendations: Chat your cravings, and LNCHbot responds with the perfect Hillshire Farm sandwich or wrap tailored to your tastes. Plus, get an instant link to your next favorite meal, making lunch decisions effortlessly delicious.

You can chat with LNCHbot here:

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