A Katy Perry Toy Story in Vegas

Crafted meticulously from script to stage, this virtual journey immerses viewers in a whimsical, toy-sized universe that is distinctly Katy Perry.​ Brimming with her iconic style, fashion, and musical mythology, Perry Playland follows Katy Doll through fantastic worlds and adventures, earning rave reviews and heartfelt applause from Perry's devoted fans.

Story & Script

Working hand in hand with the show directors, The Squared Division, and musical director, Kris Pooley, we built the narrative through a well-defined, five-act structure.

Designing the World

We designed every detail of the Perry toy world, referencing music videos, concert performances, tattoos, memes, and her unique fashion style. This archive served as a treasure trove of reference points, fueling our inspiration and informing our design choices.

Katy Doll

Toy Store


Henry's Bedroom


Henry's Bathroom


Daisy's Bedroom



Mushroom Garden