Project Overview

A groundbreaking 50-minute virtual reality concert, broadcasted live on the Meta Quest headset.  The VR concert seamlessly combined virtual avatars with real-life artists, making it the first of its kind to stream live in VR for an extended duration. 

We collaborated with Hyperreal whose directors led the charge and technology powered the lifelike digital doubles of Notorious B.I.G. and Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, setting a new standard in VR experiences. 

Our team's technical expertise and creative vision were pivotal in making this complex, multi-layered experience a reality, marking a significant milestone in virtual entertainment.

Virtual Production

During the multi-day virtual production shoot, our role was multifaceted involving close collaboration with concert directors Scot Barbour and Byron Atienza, the skilled team at XR Studios, and the technical experts at Meta Horizon.

Our focus was on providing both creative and technical supervision, effectively bridging the gap between the camera department, the XR team, and the directors, ensuring a cohesive creative vision that could be achieved technically.

Digital Cinematography

In the project's initial stages, our team focused on developing the look, crafting the overall mood and aesthetic. We prioritized high-quality realism, rooted in realistic cinematography.

By referencing the vibrancy of live performances, we set a look that blended color, lighting, and digital textures to create a visually rich and engaging concert experience.

Our digital cinematography approach replicated authentic concert filming, employing techniques such as Steadicam, handheld, and crane shots. This strategy ensured a realistic and immersive concert experience, as if the audience was physically present, capturing the dynamic essence of a live performance.

Narrative Interludes

During the concert's narrative sections, our focus was on storytelling through a blend of traditional filmmaking and virtual reality techniques. By carefully coordinating camera work, lighting, and set design within the VR environment, we strived to create a fully immersive narrative experience.